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Infection Control in Dentistry

The concept of asepsis and its role in the prevention of infection was put forward nearly two centuries ago. Infection control procedure, although…
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Teledentistry during Covid-19 pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic has challenged the existing healthcare systems across the globe. As it spreads by droplet, contact transmission, and fomite. Dentistry…
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artificial intelligence in dental radiology

How AI Ensures Precision in Dentistry

Radiopacity and radiolucency are the two major conflicts seen among radiologists ever since. When a radiograph is examined for the presence of carious…
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cbct for dental implant

The Significance of Clinical Judgment While Using CBCT for Implants

It is a prerequisite for the dentists to count on on their know-how and clinical judgment to acceptably use cone-beam CT measurement before…
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