How AI Ensures Precision in Dentistry

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Radiopacity and radiolucency are the two major conflicts seen among radiologists ever since. When a radiograph is examined for the presence of carious lesion, crack tooth or a periodontal disease there has been a lack of consensus always.

This may lead to delay in treatment and worsening the face of dentistry, sometimes the false positive and false negative interpretations made by the human eye may lead to the inappropriate treatments.

Artificial Intelligence & Dental Radiology

In such a scenario artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology which can turn the table. In the last two decades it has succeeded in claiming a very strong position for itself and has changed the reality of radiology practice.

The interpretations shown by artificial intelligence are far more precise and consistent with much lesser false positives and false negatives as compared to the one given by radiologists.

Few studies have shown that AI alone or in a team with a radiologist can do wonders than a team of two radiologists, in terms of diagnostic certainty, faster turnaround and better outcomes for patients.

One can clearly anticipate that implementation of AI in radiology can significantly revolutionize the quality, value and depth of radiology.

Single radiologist with the help of AI can manage large volumes of radiographs at a reduced time and cost.

AI have been trained for interpreting the radiographs by tons of radiologists with their best diagnostic knowledge which is why the probability of missing any information becomes negligible.

Thus AI can potentially decrease the workload of the radiologist. Instead of ruling out the role of the human eye it will rather be a positive criteria by letting a single radiologist handle larger populations and giving better patient care.

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