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dental x-ray reporting by radiologists

Importance of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology in Dentistry

Oral and maxillofacial radiology is a salient part of dentistry that is needed for the diagnosis of oral diseases. An oral and maxillofacial…
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oral health tips for festival season

Looking After Your Oral Health in Festival Season

We celebrate festivals all around the year and we all love to enjoy the delicious treats with our family and friends. For most…
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dental teleradiology

Is teleradiology reliable when compared with conventional radiology?

When one talks about medical radiology or medical imaging it is always imagined as a process where a radiologist captures an image and…
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teleradiology benefits

How teleradiology opportunities benefit radiologists?

Teleradiology is the form of radiology practice where medical images are taken at some hospital or a diagnostic center then transferred from that…
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dental teleradiology

Teledentistry is serving like a beacon light in the darkness of pandemic

Pandemic has changed the form of human existence completely around the world. In the current situation, from a small dental setup to extensively…
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Infection Control in Dentistry

The concept of asepsis and its role in the prevention of infection was put forward nearly two centuries ago. Infection control procedure, although…
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Teledentistry during Covid-19 pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic has challenged the existing healthcare systems across the globe. As it spreads by droplet, contact transmission, and fomite. Dentistry…
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artificial intelligence in dental radiology

How AI Ensures Precision in Dentistry

Radiopacity and radiolucency are the two major conflicts seen among radiologists ever since. When a radiograph is examined for the presence of carious…
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cbct reporting for dental implant planning

Why CBCT is Crucial in Dental Implantology?

The use of CBCT for acknowledging the anatomy of the area where the implant has to be placed is widely known. In addition to…
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