Looking After Your Oral Health in Festival Season

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We celebrate festivals all around the year and we all love to enjoy the delicious treats with our family and friends. For most of us, the most tempting part of any festival is food, but in the middle of all the celebrations, we tend to forget about our health needs and mainly our oral health.

oral health tips for festival season

Sweets are the major part of the food we consume during the festivals which if not taken care of properly can have adverse effects on our oral as well as general health.

Therefore it is very important to follow the few tips which can help us keep the troubles away and one can continue enjoying the festivals with all the tasty food which are the main charm for celebrations.

One should keep an eye on the consumption of the following food items:

Sweets: Anything which has high sugar content can result in cavities if taken too frequently or between meals. The reason behind this problem is not the quantity of the sugar intake but the duration for which it remains in the oral cavity. The pH level of the oral cavity becomes more acidic if sugar levels are high for a longer duration.

Sugary Drinks: Cold drinks and artificial juices have a very high sugar content that can result in creating high levels of acids in the mouth causing caries. So such drinks should be consumed in moderation.

Alcohol consumption: It is a very well-known yet overlooked fact that consumption of alcohol can increase the risk of oral cancer. Alcohol can dehydrate the cell walls of the oral cavity enhancing the entry of carcinogens. It can also increase the risk of causing gingivitis and periodontitis which destroys gum tissue and bone, leading to tooth loss. Few people also experience loss of taste sensation and sense of smell due to alcohol consumption and bad oral breath also known as halitosis is for sure one of the unacceptable results of alcohol consumption.

Sticky food items: Candies, toffees, caramels, etc are a few sticky sugar shots that get can stuck in the pit and fissures of teeth and remain on the tooth surface for a long time after consumption and provide a long-lasting source of sugar to the tooth surface by gradually releasing sugars and leading to more acid production which eventually results into caries.

Eating hard foodstuff: Sometimes if we bite on hard food it can fracture some part of our tooth leaving behind a rough surface which can promote more plaque accumulation and if a fracture extends deep inside the tooth then it can cause serious sensitivity. Trying to open bottles with teeth can cause a tooth fracture too resulting in sensitivity and pain.

Another acidic foodstuff: Sour food items for instance should also be avoided in large quantities and frequent intake because they can create an acidic environment in the oral cavity resulting in erosion of enamel and tooth sensitivity. 

Simple steps to follow for maintaining healthy teeth:

  • One should keep himself/herself hydrated, drinking plenty of water can maintain a normal pH for the oral cavity thus preventing caries and halitosis which is usually seen when the mouth is dry. 
  • Avoid frequent intake of sweets and when taken then it should be with meals because during meals more saliva is produced that can neutralize the acidic environment created by the bacteria. 
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating sweets.
  • Sticky snacks should be avoided as much as possible
  • Regularly brushing your teeth a minimum of twice a day should be the first and the basic care needed to maintain good oral hygiene. 
  • During festive times try and make sure to floss or use interdental brushes at least once a day.
  • Increased saliva production can help to wash away the excess sugar and harmful acids for which sugar-free chewing gum can be used. 
  • One of the most common causes of tooth fracture seen among people after dinners during the festivals is the opening of a beer bottle or a soft drink bottle with teeth.
  • Avoiding alcohol in large quantities can also help reduce bad breath and other problems which can occur when consumed in excess.

Thus by making slight changes in the lifestyle and by following basic oral hygiene methods one can enjoy the best of the festive seasons while keeping oral health safe and sound.

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