How Digitalisation is changing Dentistry

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The healthcare system has shown great progress after adopting digital support for maintaining patient records. Dentistry is too not far behind, presently almost all the dental practices whether small or big are shifting towards digital record maintenance.

Radiologist reporting Dental Image
Orthodontist in the dental clinic showing an X-Ray on the computer

Electronic dental records (EDRs) have changed the entire mode of the treatment plan. The EDRs can acquire and maintain patient records in a very systematic way which further can help a dentist to compare and suggest the best treatment plan to the patient. 

What are EDRs and their advantages?

The detailed information about patients’ records provided by the EDRs can be analyzed and used to improve patient management by diagnosing a dental condition at an early stage and providing a better treatment plan which is apt for the particular case.

Any dental practitioner would be interested to seek information about the practices of the fellow counterparts to analyze their depth of knowledge and the latest trends, EDRs can provide all such data.

Similarly, the researchers can gather the information needed for any kind of study in a very structured and easy format with the help of EDRs.

Though there is no compulsory adoption of EDRs in dentistry unlike the medical field yet the percentage of usage is increasing greatly. Despite being a new field, it is bringing up many applications to support dental practice at an enormous pace. Few such applications are CAD/CAM, 3-D printing, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. 

EDRs are supporting the dental methodology scientifically for the diagnosis of oral diseases and by providing a precise treatment plan, as a result, it is improving the clinicians’ capability to address more problems quickly and effectively. 

The concept of adoption and implementation of EDRs must be known widely so that the treatment plan which can give better results can be identified well and applied more. Not only the routine dental practice but the research works and education sector can get better and structured guidance with the digital dental information.

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