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dental 3d scanner

Dental 3D Scanning – A New Age Revolution

The 3D scanner captures data by projecting light sources onto the object such as teeth, dental arches, and implant and converts them into…
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dental x-ray reporting by radiologists

Future of Dentistry is Digitalization

There is a drastic shift in dentistry towards digitalization. Adoption of this latest form of practice has made it possible for the whole…
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Radiologist reporting Dental Image

How Digitalisation is changing Dentistry

The healthcare system has shown great progress after adopting digital support for maintaining patient records. Dentistry is too not far behind, presently almost…
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dental teleradiology

Teledentistry is serving like a beacon light in the darkness of pandemic

Pandemic has changed the form of human existence completely around the world. In the current situation, from a small dental setup to extensively…
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panoramic x-ray

Benefits of Panoramic Dental X-Ray

Larger panoramic X-rays of the skull, in addition to diagnosing the teeth and oral cavity diseases, can prove to be an effective means…
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digital dentistry

Why Digital Dentistry is Beneficial?

Dentists do not have to be know-how masterminds to acquire the greatest out of digital tackles. Instead of understanding the technology, it ought…
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Patient in for CBCT scan

Carestream’s Cone Beam CT Technology

Carestream is mounting into innovative imaging approaches and Strategic developments in these capacities will be verified at the forthcoming Connotation for Medical Imaging…
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Radiologist taking patients' dental intraoral X-ray

Planmeca launches ProX dental intraoral X-ray

Planmeca has come with a new technology in the diagnostic field that is an upgraded version of ProX. Planmeca has introduced this upgraded technology to…
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dental radiography reading

Digital Radiography: A new era in Dental Radiology

Digital radiography plays a vital role in today’s dental practice. It all started in 1987 when the pioneer of this field, also known as…
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dental x-ray reporting by radiologists

The Benefits of Digital Dental X-ray

Exposure to radiation is one of the biggest drawbacks of conventional X-rays which is why people put off a visit to the dentist…
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