The Benefits of Digital Dental X-ray

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Exposure to radiation is one of the biggest drawbacks of conventional X-rays which is why people put off a visit to the dentist as much as they can. This potential danger has been eliminated to a large extent with the introduction of digital X-ray technique which is being hailed as a major breakthrough in the field of radiology.

Digital dental X-ray holds the benefit of prompt image development that saves the precious time that usually goes into developing films with the normal X-rays. The high resolution images can be saved on the computer and can be printed and analyzed without any delay. They can be zoomed in to identify even the smallest of the lesions or any dental abnormality. The images can even be sent to another dentist in remote locations for consultancy. 

Introduction of digital dental X-rays is certainly a step ahead towards tackling the harmful effects of radiation exposure, especially in pregnant women. Digital dental X-rays have been declared to emit 90% less radiation as compared to the old X-rays. An additional advantage of this technology is subtraction radiography that allows the comparison of the before and after images by erasing out the surrounding image and leaving only that part of the image that has undergone a change. 

Being ecofriendly, the X-rays don’t need harmful chemicals for film development either. Digital X-rays are, no doubt, a safer alternative to traditional X-rays with wider implications in guiding the treatment of diseases and for timely diagnosis of any oral abnormality.

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