Korea’s medical machinery industry targets silver generation

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The increase in the senior demographics has led to the revolution in the medical operative device industry. As per a study, this industry is growing by 5 percentile every year since last six years in USA.

The main devices that are to be used regularly in this field include dental implants and dental alloys of restorations. Another study in Korea suggests that every 9 out of 10 seniors have dental implants in their mouth. Due to the increasing potential in this industry, many giants in the device technologies such as Vatech is stepping up in this domain along with many other names. In case of senior citizens it becomes important to correctly image the tooth especially during implant placement, which is quite risky.

Also, in another study it was found that 1 out of 5 seniors are suffering from diabetes. This has led to the boom in the blood sugar monitor device industry. The companies such as Green Cross MS are working to encash this scenario. As per the company,” This will help us access the ‘ubiquitous health care market.’ We are currently doing research on how a smartphone could be used to track heart rates, cholesterol and hemoglobin levels.”

According to market and business analysts, the industry will continue to progress towards helping the senior section of the population. As per the experts,” Medical machines have gotten smaller — small enough for elders to carry around. If the technology to send data from these medical machines to hospitals are developed, a new ‘ubiquitous healthcare’ industry will open up.” The changing demographics in Korea are also affecting the medical technologies in the field of helping elderly people.

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