Planmeca launches ProX dental intraoral X-ray

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Planmeca has come with a new technology in the diagnostic field that is an upgraded version of ProX. Planmeca has introduced this upgraded technology to primarily focus on periapical, bitewing and endodontic imaging. New Prox has come up with a modified arm and 0.4mm focal spot.

Radiologist taking patients' dental intraoral X-ray

About this new device, Bob Pienkowski, president of Planmeca said, “The unique design of the ProX provides the user a smooth, drift-free, stable scissors arm that also can be easily serviced in the doctor office. We’ve also designed the ProX to integrate seamlessly with Planmeca’s ProSensor system, which ensures that the ProSensor is always in an easily reachable, ergonomic position. In addition, the ProX adapts to any digital sensor by simple selection in the image mode, which automatically adapts the pre-programmed settings for digital sensors.”

Even in unfriendly imaging environment, the upgraded ProX delivers optimal diagnostic quality. The user-friendly modes and controls have made the imaging process as simple as possible. The present ProX has been modified in such a way to work best with the future technologies.

This new diagnostic tool has been modified in such a way that with variable mA, kV and time, the amount of radiations needed for the image development can be minimized. This has also come up with adjustable child and adult modes, thus regulating the radiation exposure as per patient’s needs.

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